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Ariel Joseph~ Recruitment 2012

August 11, 2012

Who are you?

Who am I? Lots of people tend to ask me that question, so I normally state my name and what school I am attending or what job I have at the time. “My name is Ariel Joseph, I am a junior at Midwestern State University studying psychology and I am a cashier at Fuzzys Taco Shop.” Yes, all those statements are true about me, but I am so much more than those few things. I am the daughter of two loving and kind parents. I am the sister to six insane and very protective brothers. I am an aunt to 3.5 adorable nieces and nephews (three already here and one cooking in the oven!!!). I am a niece to the most caring aunt and uncle a girl could ask for. I am a best friend to my two crazy roommates who will never leave my side. I am the fiancé to a man who knows unconditional love and who is my best friend, and lastly I am a sister, FOREVER, to 50 other sisters who will always have my back no matter what.  I know I am so much more than what people see on a daily basis. I am me!

Why I became Greek?

When I first came to college I was dead set on NEVER going Greek, but as the first few weeks of college came to an end the only thing girls in my dorm could talk about was Rush Week. At the time I had no idea what Rush Week even was, but for some reason my roommate persuaded me to go through Rush, even if it were just to make friends. I did not think I would actually rush and join a sorority, but at the end of rush I had completely changed my mind. Growing up with so many brothers always made me like guys more than girls and I could relate better to guys, but seeing how happy all the sorority girls were made me want a slice of that happiness. I remember, like it was yesterday, sitting in the CSC and signing my big card; I couldn’t have been any happier. I knew that whatever sorority I had gotten into would accept me for me, flaws and all. And that is exactly what happened. I have 50 incredible sisters that will always be there for me, sun up or sun down, when I call on them. Rushing was one of the greatest decisions in my life.

How has my Greek experience benefited me?

Going Greek has brought numerous benefits into my life. There is always a sister to call up when the times get rough. Always a sister to console when it comes to taking certain classes and professors. Always someone to study with (whether they are in that class with you or not). Always someone to go catch a movie, or go shopping with. Having 50 different sisters is like automatically making 50 new best friends. You know that even if you are not super close to a certain someone, they will still be there for you in a heartbeat when called upon. Going Greek has helped me become independent and rely on my sisters and not just my family members. My sisters are my home away from home.

What my parents, friends, and family thought about me going Greek?

All my friends and family thought I was a little crazy for wanting to go Greek at first, but now they see how much joy being Greek as brought me and they love seeing me happy. People always think that being Greek is just about hanging out with people of the opposite sex and constant partying, but that’s completely wrong. We focus on different philanthropies, fundraisers, and helping out other organizations. Being Greek has helped me academically, because of the mandatory study hours that are required each week. At first I hated being “forced” to do study hours, but I see now that those study hours have helped me keep a good GPA and will help me accomplish goals in the future. Let’s just say that now my friends and family members, that are not Greek, are secretly jealous.

What I never expected to get out of going Greek that I have?

When I joined a sorority I knew I would get sisters, but I never expected to get friendships out of those sisters. I got sick and diagnosed with cancer in January 2012, and my sisters never left my side. You know your sisters love you when they spend their own money to send you care packages weekly for 5 whole months. It was great getting text messages from all my sisters saying that they were praying for me and that they couldn’t wait for my return. Besides from just my personal sisters, all the Greek life members at MSU got involved to send me flowers and a huge poster board with everyone’s signature on it. You really can feel the love you have for your fellow Greek brothers and sisters when something as big as cancer enters a member’s life. I couldn’t have gotten through those 5 months away from school without the love and support of Greek members everywhere. To those members, I say thank you.


Michelle Tomei~ Recruitment Blog!

August 5, 2012

My name is Michelle Tomei and I am 21 years old. I moved here from The Netherlands in the summer of 06.

When my family moved back at the end of 09, I started to feel lonely. My family had always been right there beside me no matter where or how many times we moved around. This was the first time I was actually on my own. On campus I had heard a lot of things about the Greek system and how the chapters are like a family to each of the members. I always saw them in their letters sitting together for lunch or just walking around campus. I wanted to be a part of that family too. So I decided to go Greek that following fall.

My friends and family all encouraged me and supported me going Greek. My parents said that it would be great to have another support system I can rely on which isn’t a continent away.

After joining and being in the Greek system for a couple of years now I can truly say that I have a family away from home here in the states. They are always there for me. Whether it be that I need help with my studies, to listen to me complain about my relationship troubles or even if it’s just to come to the house to get rid of a bug, I know my sisters are just a call away. Of course the ride is not always as smooth as with 45 girls, but like I said that’s family. Yes, there might be some disagreements, but that’s how families are. At the end of the day we still love each other and we always have each other’s backs. It’s like you’re younger sibling. You pick on them all the time. However, you’re the only one that can and you better not catch anyone else doing it.  I would have never expected the sisterhood bonds that you create to run this deep through everybody. Going Greek was one of the best choices I have made here at Midwestern State.

Sarah Rankin~ My Greek Experience

July 23, 2012

Sarah Rankin- Rho Gamma 2012

Who am I? I am quiet, trustworthy, friendly, happy, receptive, loyal, a sister, daughter and friend. I love Dr. Pepper and Tex-Mex, and swimming.
Why did I become Greek? I became GREEK because the friendships and involvement on campus.
How has my Greek experience benefited me? My GREEK experience has benefitted me tremendously in my life, having a sense of belonging like being a part of something so meaningful and meeting so many people who have the same values.
What my parents, friends, family thought about me going greek? My family supported my decisions on going greek, a lot of people make the impression that Greeks like to party, that we have bad grades, and are rich snobs. But that is definitely not the case, we are the opposite we are people who want to excel in life and pursue greater things. Telling people that ask me about greek life automatically assume that its all about the parties. Greek Life is about the bonds and becoming a better version of yourself that was affected by your brothers or sisters. My family knows that Greek life is a good thing not a bad things because of me and my experience, so they supported me.
What I never expected to get out of going greek that I have? Greek Life has impacted my life in a way that I never expected It would, I used to highly timid, all though I am still a bit shy I have come a quite a ways out of my shell so to speak. Meeting new people every semester for recruitment purposes has forced me to talk to new people and branch out.
Anything else about me I would like to add?  Well to reiterate what I just said about greek life making a huge impact upon my life, it truly has. I would not take back rushing my first year of college for anything greek life has truly made me a better person and I care about everything we do.

Kristyna Butler~ My Greek Life!

July 21, 2012

Who am I?

I’m Kristyna Butler. I’m the oldest of six kids in an amazing family that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I’m a Photography major with a minor in Graphic Design. I’m completely obsessed with helping people be themselves and showing others that everyone is unique. I love helping anyone in any way I can and really hope my small contribution makes some kind of dent in the world. I’m absolutely in love with my sorority and everything it stands for and am grateful for the influence it has in my life.

Why I became Greek?

I became Greek to get involved in the community. I moved back to Wichita Falls in my 3rd year of college and needed help getting involved in the campus life and activities. I decided to participate in fall recruitment to try and become apart of a group of girls that could help me do this and hopefully become my new college family.

How has my Greek experience benefited me?

Becoming Greek was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I became apart of an amazing group of girls that has supported me through so much in my life. It’s helped me to make a difference in my community and aided me in meeting so many wonderful people.

What my parents, friends, family thought about me going Greek?

Everyone around me was extremely supportive of me joining a Greek organization. My parents and grandparents were proud that I was getting involved and my friends were excited I was branching out and meeting new people.

What I never expected to get out of going Greek that I have?

I never expected to gain the close friendships I have. I knew that I would be gaining sisters and becoming apart of a group of girls that contribute time to their community, but I never imagined I would be gaining the support system or amazingly dedicated friends that I have now.

Kelly Wood~ How going greek changed my life!

July 20, 2012

Well, my name is Kelly Wood. I’m a Junior at MSU. I am starting the radiology program in the fall, and i’m super excited. I have one older sister, two younger ones and two amazing parents. Without my family I would be totally lost. I also have a two year old niece whom I adore but she usually only likes me when I have food to share, and a nephew on the way that i’m extremely excited about. I pretty much want to enjoy all life has to offer so i’m always down for an adventure. I could probably live off of Macaroni and Cheese, and my favorite time of year is football season. yes, I am a Green Bay Packer fan but I was born in Wisconsin and all my family lives there… it’s kind of a requirement to be a Wood. I try to live my life has happy as possible because I really don’t have time to not be.

There is a simple answer to that. Because I wanted to make friends. I went to school in Burkburnett, and if you don’t know thats like 15 minutes away. So half my class left the Wichita Falls area and the other half stayed. Sense so many burk people stayed, I felt hanging out with them all the time would feel just like high school and even though I didn’t go far I still wanted that college experience. Rush was really the first thing I noticed that would accommodate that change for me, so I went through. Of course now, I’m so glad I did and I really am getting that college experience because Greek has pushed me to branch out and I don’t think I would have without it.

Well, of course going greek has pushed me to branch out. I’ve tried clubs and organizarions on campus that I probably wouldn’t have without it, I’ve met people I probably wouldn’t have and I have spent time giving back to my school, our town and of course my sorority’s philanthropies that I definitely wouldn’t have without going greek. Most people that spend time with now probably wouldn’t believe it but I used to be quit and shy if you will around people I didn’t really know, now im not. I’ve also learned life skills like money and time management and by networking with Alumnae, I’ve learned how to talk to people in a professional setting. Things like good interview skills.

With execption of a few, most of my family and friends didn’t know anything about greeks other than what the TV showcased and lead everyone on to believe. They’ve always been supportive but the longer I’m involved in it, the more and more they see it’s benefits. The only person that will probably never like it is my dad. I mean, he is supportive but he always tells me I should be doing something more constructive than sorority. oh well, I think I’ve talked both of my younger sisters into rushing when they start college so he’ll just have to get used to be a greek dad! 😉


I would probably have to say they friends. In my sorority, other sororities and fraterities on campus. Even friends of friends in the greek system. I always thought everyone was crazy when I was in high school and they told me the friends, the fights and the break up’s didn’t matter because your college friends are the ones you keep forever. But now, I totally understand it. Of all the friends I called “best friends” in highs school, I still hang out with one of them. I have no doubt, I’ve met my brides maids, The people that will come in town for my baby shower, and the people  ill call just when I want to talk when I need a break.

Renee DuBois~ ☮ ♥ SORORITY LIFE

July 18, 2012

I never pictured myself as a “Sorority Girl.”  I always thought that sorority life would be how I saw it on TV.  My freshman year of college I decided to go through recruitment just to meet people and really see what sorority life was about.  I never expected to join a sorority. I mainly wanted to see what a REAL sorority was like and see if what I saw on TV was true.  After the first night of recruitment my mind was blown! Boy was the TV wrong with portraying sororities!!!

I had no idea that sororities did so much community service, got involved in the community/university and each chapter had their own philanthropy they helped.  I was so surprised that sorority girls don’t just drink and party like what TV taught me they do.  These girls I met all talked about up holding their values and how academics are very important to them. I couldn’t believe what I had in my mind of a sorority was so different then the real thing.

By the end of recruitment I decided that joining a sorority was the right thing for me.  I loved getting involved in the community just like these women, I cared about my academics just like them, and I wanted to experience the experience all the ladies talked about.

Four years later I am so glad I decided to join a sorority! I have gotten so much out of being in a sorority. I have met a bunch of women I never would have thought to have known. I have made numerous memories that will last a life time and I have been given so many leadership opportunities.  Words cannot describe how much I love sorority life and how much I wish I could change the way TV portrays us and what we do.  Before you think “no the sorority life isn’t for me,” you really should give it a try. It may not be all what you think it is … IT IS SO MUCH MORE!!! ☮ ♥ SORORITY LIFE

Katiee Cowart~ Why I became Greek…

July 17, 2012

Who am I?

Easy enough, I am a small town girl at Midwestern State University studying education with a specialty in English. I like to laugh and have fun. I’m definitely into the whole puns and corny jokes thing. I love surprising others through generosity. My parents still live in the same house, on the same street, of the same town, Hamilton. The only thing there is a dollar general and restaurants in gas stations. Everybody knows everybody, so I’m super open and honest. I live by the same virtues and morals as like a grandmother, but that’s okay by me. Just don’t ask me to knit you anything. I love meeting new people and helping others. I have exactly 3 sisters and 1 brother in law. I love my family, my friends, and my sorority sisters. Also I love Justin Bieber, so please just embrace my odd 12 year old like love of singers.

Why I became Greek?

As previously mentioned, I am from a small town. I grew up with everybody leaving their homes and cars unlocked, kids walking home from school, zero crime or strangers. Hamilton could have been a Thomas Kinkade painting. No joke. The whole town closes down for Friday night games and somebody’s family reunion. College was a big adjustment, most likely since I came to Midwestern solo, no friends, no family, no nothing, besides a stuffed animal and some courage. I wasn’t used to having to make friends or meet new people, as I basically grew up in a place where everybody has the same interests and friends. Going Greek was my ticket into a new life at school. The best part about going Greek is that you can truly be yourself. My entire sorority can quote my Hamilton stories, they liked me for me. Greek life allowed me to become apart of something bigger without changing myself.

How has my Greek experience benefited me?

Hamilton made me rely solely on the same people. Greek life allowed me to branch out, meet new people, explore. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s the honest truth. My Greek experience gave me a second family, a family that I know can be there when my parents and sisters live too far away.

What my parents, friends, and family thought about me going Greek:

My parents were proud that I wasn’t going to shut myself up in my dorm room all year. They were glad that I was being active on campus. My friends were mostly shocked. I’m not typically the type of person that strikes you as “hey, that girl’s in a sorority.” All through school I was mostly friends with boys, because I was the student athletic trainer. Ergo, I picked up after them, helped them with homework, and made their mothers feel safe. So they were really surprised that I was going Greek, but none the less, they were still supportive. My younger sisters were THRILLED. Like more than me. For serious. They would draw my letters all over stuff, and brag to their friends. I was glad they were happy for me.

What I never expected Greek Life to bring me, but it has:

MY LIFE. My values, my opinions, my sisters, my friends, my job even. Becoming Greek opened so many doors for me personally. I have more pride in myself than I ever did before, because I know that there are 40 girls in my sorority that stand behind me, and an entire community that stands behind them. There is a level of support in being Greek that you can’t find anywhere else. No matter what sorority, no matter what campus, somebody is going to be able to relate to you.